Live dating videos desi

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Live dating videos desi

Steven, did you know much about beauty before you started filming Desi? We'd always do runs to the MAC store or Sephora.I ran my own graphic design business and Desi was in school at the time.

Dose of Colors announced on Instagram that the entire Desi x Katy Collection will restock next month on, including the palette and a blackened burgundy liquid matte lipstick that screams fall called Savage.

(To put this into perspective, OG internet makeup guru Michelle Phan has 2 million followers; makeup artist Pat Mc Grath has 501,000.)I caught up with Perkins this past weekend in New York City at Ipsy's "Generation Beauty" event, where she acted as one of the brand's so-called "stylists." (Ipsy is the subscription beauty sampling service founded by Phan a few years ago.

More on what she's up to later this week.) Perkins was greeting fans at the event with her husband Steven in tow.

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and its recently released "Best of Beauty" list still matter, the real influencers these days are the young women who toil away on You Tube making videos that demystify contouring and provide the frank truth about which beauty products suck.